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“13 years ago I hired Loren as an intern, 30 seconds into the interview. Since then, she’s become a driven, powerful, open, relatable force inthe radio world she clearly loves so much.” – David Brody, Executive Producer, Elvis Duran and The Morning Show

“Loren is hard-working, takes her job very seriously, and has one of the smoothest deliveries in broadcast. She loves radio the way it should be loved.” – TJ Taormina, host of The TJ Show

“Relatable, talented and innovative. A creative problem solver with a relentless work ethic. Loren is a stand-out talent and team member; the kind of personality that makes radio special because they help build the overall brand images necessary to put humor and humanity on the air.” – Talent Coach Steve Reynolds

“The way you use your voice and how you represent women in such a positive and empowering way is inspiring.” – Edgar “Shoboy” Sotelo, LA

“I have cried and laughed with you. I’ve been through a divorce and remarried listening to you. THANK YOU for being there for me even if you didn’t know.” – Lauren J., Boston

“You made me feel incredibly comfortable and like I was casually chatting with a friend during my interview! You created a place that highlights women in ways most media does not. I’m forever grateful I had the chance to be part of the [Badass Chick] empire you worked so hard to build.” – Kayla R., Boston 

“Please continue your IG stories, they give me life!!!!! I will sorely miss your laugh on the radio every morning.” – Mery S., Boston